PS4 glory rewards on War Zone missions incorrect


Hi all,

Platform: PS4
PSN: Heruva

Starting a War Zone mission, the mission summary shows it will yield 20 Glory.
When you finish the mission before you use touch pad to head back to the Command Bridge it shows the rewards.
It states 20 Glory as reward.

However, upon returning to the Command Bridge and checking Glory, I notice only 10 Glory is received.

Please check this video I uploaded to see what happens.

You can see my Glory before starting the War Zone mission.
I had 777 Glory.
Starting the mission it shows you will receive 20 Glory.
At the end of the video you can see I only have 787 Glory instead of 797.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe I"m missing something, but this seems like a bug.
Maybe the rewards are capped because I'm overleveled for those missions but I'd expect it to show the correct amount of Glory pre-mission and post-mission in that case.


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PS4 glory rewards on War Zone missions incorrect
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44 days ago
Great job!

No problem. You guys are doing the hard work but I'm happy if I can help :) :)

45 days ago
We caught the bug, this is affecting all the builds on console and PC. Thanks for the report!:)
48 days ago

To elaborate on this : it still happens and i double checked : as you can see in the video, when the mission is accomplished, before using the touchpad to return to base, there is a window at the right of screen which shows you the rewards you got.

It shows i got 20 glory for finishing the mission however when checking glory it only added 10.

Maybe I misunderstood but I still assume something is not right or I am still not understanding the process. 

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48 days ago
Don't mean to press but in contradiction to my previous post I feel I must be misunderstanding or missing something.

I rewatched the video I posted in this topic as I've consistently experienced getting only 10 instead of 20 favor.

In the vid, I finish the main objective and kill all enemies. No side quests were present.

Should this not result in gaining 20 glory instead of 10?

48 days ago
Thanks again for your response Marcopolocs!

I didn't take into account that the glory awarded depends on finisching the mission AND killing all enemies (as well as finishing potential side quests).

That clears this up.

Didn't mean to make a post for something that works perfectly as it was intended so.. sorry for the spam :)

51 days ago
The amount of Glory (as well as Influence and XP) points depend on you completing the mission's main objective, killing all the enemies on the map and if there is a side objective appearing then you complete it as well. Then you will get the total amount being displayed on the mission briefing window!:)
55 days ago

I've posted several messages in this W40K community before, I think this is the right place to contact Neocore games?

They replied to several of my questions before anyway.

I'm have the regular PS4 but I have no idea on what frame rate the game runs.

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55 days ago
yeah that is weird seems like you got robbed haha no seriously might be a bug yeah maybe contact neocore games,

also you on ps4 right the base model? do u know at what fps the game runs at by any chance? lol