[PS4] Can't talk to Space Marine to open PVP option & can't continue main mission of season 2


I buy the game in Ps store of Hongkong and create my first character crusader in February. After I finished the tutorial , I find my character can't talk to Space Marine to open PVP option . I continue my journey and  level up my crusader to 60+ , then I find I can't continue the third step in main mission of season 2 . The mission ask me to talk to the Space Marine , but he just continue to ingore me (No matter how many times I tagert him and put my O button).This situation last 2 weeks , so I created a new character Psyker and finished the tutorial to see what will happen . Unfortunately , everything works very OK , include the PVP option .

So , what should I do now ? Delete my first character and recreate a new crusader ? If this is the only way , it's disoppointment .

I'm sorry I wrote so mucn to describe this Bug , because my English is poor . It really take me much time , and I know there must be many grammatical errors . Please help me to sovle this big problem , Thank you .

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3 years 169 days ago

I have finished the main mission of season 2 , thank you very much , you're the best !

3 years 181 days ago
Thank you very much .
3 years 182 days ago

thank you for contacting us and reporting the case, our developers will check on your account as soon as possible and will fix the problem. The fix will take place on our end so once it has been done, you do not have to download any update. We will try to resolve it within a couple days maximum!
Please do not delete your character, you will be able to progress in the Season2 once again!