PS4 Cabal Members Info Bugged


When I open the Cabal tab ingame it shows the same two members with the same status which was the status when I first joined.  My character is the only one thats level is updated when I increase in level.  Its  as though the cabal members section has been frozen since I joined.  Cabal mission status does work and increase as missions were completed, crafting gear donated etc.  

Is this a known issue and if so is there anything I can do on my end to unfreeze the members info section?  Thanks.

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PS4 Cabal Members Info Bugged
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2 years 100 days ago
You can share information as a Grandmaster with your Cabal members by modifying the Cabal info. Voice chat is also enabled.
2 years 100 days ago
Well then how am I supposed to ask fellow members if they can see my status update?  After multiple searching I've found some remarks that Cabals are rarely supported by the dev's and it's probably a bug that won't be fixed anytime soon.
2 years 101 days ago
There is no chat option on console.
2 years 105 days ago
How do you communicate with Cabal members on PS4?  Is there a chat option and if so what button brings it up?  
2 years 106 days ago

may we ask your fellow players experience this from their point of view? Does your status update for them?