Progress isn't saving


None of my progress is saving I've been playing for a few hours and then I exit the game and when I come back none of my progress I did is saved and it's been like this for days? 

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Progress isn't saving
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4 years 19 days ago
es increible que nisiquiera tengan la dignidad de dar una solucion nosotros pagamos por un juego al menos dignense a darlo sin bug y en especial uno tan grave

7 years 3 days ago

Same problem, my character come back to 25 lvl from 45. Try play again and it back to 25 again. 

7 years 5 days ago

How come the game is not saving been stuck at level 96 for the past 3 days.

Can this get fixed?  Are your servers down for steam users?  extremely annoying

7 years 5 days ago

Seems to be saving now.  I attempted to make another toon and it held and the previous one I am logging out and back in every lvl to ensure that it captures the data.  So far its held over 3 lvls.

7 years 6 days ago

Mine isn't saving either...I've ensured that when i exited the game i was "online" but still didn't record my data.