Priority Assigment XP reward low?


If I do a Priority Assigment mission on normal on my current level (84), it displays I get 1300 XP for it. However, if I do a Random mission set to 82 with Tarot (-2 lvl compared to my current lvl), I get around 2300 XP that can be further boosted by other Tarots.

Is this intentional? Why is the XP lower? How is it compensated? In this stage of the game I'm currently in, namely grinding levels to at least 90, doing Priority Assignments have a really low incentive due to the low XP. I think the XP for these missions should be balanced to their actual level as in Random missions.

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Priority Assigment XP reward low?
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3 years 134 days ago
The reason behind this is that although the level of the mission (Tarot) is lower than that of the assignment's, the hazards will increase the difficulty of the mission and will increase the obtainable XP points.
3 years 134 days ago
We will look into this, thanks for the report!