post 16 feb Patch



To set things, i leveled a psyker to lvl 5 and a crusader to lvl 55 (rank 50, 1470PRish or something like that, relic etc ...).

I prepared a wall of structured text before the 16 feb patch.

I wont post it.

I'll concentrate on the 16 feb patch disaster.

>>> Before this patch, there was 2 things :

- 1 i had a ton of fun playing crusader, jumping into the fray, trying to use cover and exploding thingy, trying to get the best out of my weapons.

- 2 with a psyker in team, no matter if it was a 2 mens mission or 4 mens mission, the psyker was killing thing and moving faster  than i could run (no trouble with this, i dont need other classes to be nerfed or underpowered if i dont play them. I also dont ned to play the best class.).

>>> Post patch, drama :

- A Demential boss / elite / champion HP increase. Typo error ? Someone crushed head on the keyboard or what ?

The  result : in a +100 mission, got tons of Ogryn, by 2 or 3 even with more elite sometimes, ad boss. Got some Ogryn with 5500ish HP, chain stuning, regenerating like hell.  Unkillable even while kitting, because of regen dementia.

- Tried this specific mission again and again, with various stuff, skills, melee and ranged. Finished it at last. But the fun was gone. Not because of the difficulty, but because  of the current crusader state. Ranged Weapons need a severe rehauling, not the hidden nerfs some of them received. And example ? The 3rd skill on gravun lost 'single target' and 'slow' tags. Yibidayeah ! This weapon is unlocked at lvl 20, is barrely acceptable , and it receive a nerf ? I dont ask for the same demential damage from other classes / skill. But leaving this skill dealing 80 to 100 dmg par tick instead of the half was so much unbalanced ? Especially while i still run after psyker who disintigrate mission post patch?

- Ranged Weapons : Tested most of them again. When i see dual wield dealing same or more damage than heavy weapons or rifle, or rifle dealing more than heavy weapon, i feel ashamed for such a bad design. It's the same dumb shit that you can see in nearly near mmo = dagger out dpsing 2 handed weapons, bow piercing  plate armor, etc ... Actually, using a heavy weapon make me laugh. Try to shoot with guns from 9 mm to 12.7 anti light armoured vehicules, and you ll understand. If you already did, it's even more unforgivable. oh and balance can't be invoked like a valid argument. Utility , runspeed while wearing A, B or C weapon, CD on weapon, etc ... are the balancing factors. Wearing dual 1H weapon  could deserve a +2 runspeed, rifles +0 and heavy weapons -3 to -5. the heavier the weapon the slower all CD. Etc ... 

In conclusion : using 40th century fire arms / weapon = dont feel the power. On the opposite side, i feel the power of enemies shooting my character from outer range. Yibidayeah !

Before patch, moving / firing was nice (even with underpowered fire arms from 40th century). Since patch, most of time, my character move to come and shoot the mob in the mouth, especially if there's a clear line of fire.

Another detail : When mobs are near stationery weapon, my character can't shoot them. Caused me a lot of death, body blocked by mobs shooting my character while he couldn't shoot back.

- Melee weapons : nice overhaul. Partially negated by delirium regen / stunlock, most bosses or ogryn above greeen mission kill my character with no escape / without a chance (even without stunlocking him). Green / white missions are doable, but not easy. Again, my character was fully melee traited and stuffed (control with 2H hammer / 2H sword)

- Mobs regen : already told on another thread. Need to be reworked. Both nurgle, ogryn, and runing bosses (Why the hell do they regen while fleeing away and still hit bit my shots ?)

- Jump (assault armour) : 50% of jump attack fail. A single stockpile can stop or deny a jump attack. Sometimes, the character simply jump without moving. If it can't be used as a skill combining move and attack .... blah.

- Assault armour : not even a single buff on special attack. Woaw. Balance pass ?

- Coop : no more coop, yeah ! Why ? Crash at mission load, crash at mission exit, need to reconnect, lost tchat (all my steam coop games run fine. So no troubles there).

- Tchat : no more tag / name in chat. Seriously ?

- Interface : old one was nice. Changing things just for change ... Blah. 

- 'Missing shader' bugs message at load screen.

- XP, leveling, fate, etc  : other peoples already told what they think, so i'll pass.


in current state, i wont recommend game to my usual coop partners, nor buy it to offer for my nephews or for anniversaries.

I really hope this license wont crash, like did Mythic with warhammer online. They didnt listen to beta tester, nor to playerbase once release, and sunk in deserved Hall of fail. They knowed, and us testers / gamers were idiots. Realy Really Really, don' t crash another warhammer license, please. Players never forget. Players are not idiots.

Don't be fooled. I really enjoy the game. I enjoyed it, till this patch. I know it's an alpha, so i'll keep fingers crossed for the best ending, at the benefit of everyone.

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post 16 feb Patch
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6 years 146 days ago
I agree that my crusader used to be a tank and is now a cloth armor wearing panzy. The class is no fun to play. The game is no fun to play because bosses regen quicker than they can be killed. Mobs hit harder. Heals have been way to limited as well as perks. It was much better when they stacked. I will be taking a break until the game is balanced.