Panic room Tarot missions


Please do everyone a favor and remove these or at least buff the npc we need to escort. Two times I have gotten a tarot mission and two times I have failed because the "Psyker" that takes me about 30-45 seconds to kill as an enemy dies in under a second and I lose my fate.



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Panic room Tarot missions
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6 years 46 days ago
not possible to kill everything before since you dont know the time. with the new psyker marines sometimes just impossible. its retarded that they can die. it adds nothing to the game other than frustration because i cannot control nor predict what the npc will do. now we have psyker whole map aoe basically oneshotting vip
6 years 47 days ago
clear everything before opening the room with the npc usually helps.

or just kill stuff faster ...

6 years 47 days ago
I was thinking same thing escort missions with whomever I may have to escort is way to easily killed. I have even cleared the map and then tried to escort them and new enemy's spawn and kill him very quickly lol