No rewards for one character in Inquisitor:Martyr


Dear developers,

may I ask you to kindly look into one of my characters - Dyle - level 82? Suddenly a bug developed - after each successful mission no rewards from the Holy Ordos are given and the character returns directly to the bridge of the ship.

The loading time for this character is also significantly longer than for the other two I have.

In the same time a bug seems to affect my void crusades - when successfully completing the mission, the whole progression tree is blocked, no life lost.

Thank you in advance for looking into this.

Kind regards,

David Bystricky

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No rewards for one character in Inquisitor:Martyr
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2 hours ago
As I see they already checked on the issue and fixed it (more than a week ago). Apparently, it did not help. I will ask for a deeper investigation. Sorry for the caused troubles.
1 day ago
Hi @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , the issue still persists. Do you think the developers can look into it now, please?
38 days ago
Thank you, @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , I'll wait. Have a good holiday season.
42 days ago
Noted, the problem was forwarded to our devs but as their hands are full at the moment and the holiday season also approches, I would like to ask your patience in the coming period. 
47 days ago
Player name: Domitian Custa

Platform: PC (Steam)

48 days ago
Could you please tell me your account name as well? Are you on PC?