Next Gen Xbox Series Upgrade Coming?


hey guys,

i have a question i recently sold my one x console to get a series S system

enjoy it so far but its still using the base model xbox version now i was wondering will this game

also get a upgrade for the next gen consoles to use hardware better? so better resolution and performance? etc..?

other games has already have had this patch and some still need to come but i cant find anything about this game

is it coming you guys think?

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Next Gen Xbox Series Upgrade Coming?
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7 days ago
This comment was deleted 3 days ago by Jim Fox
104 days ago
I mean Frame Blending.
104 days ago
I am happy that this topic is already open. I think it could solve some problmes. 

For example on Xbox Series X, I experience graphical bugs when I disable Anti-Aliasing. 
114 days ago
There have been no changes up till now regarding this matter. If there will be any, we will post about it on every corner!
117 days ago
Any news regarding new consoles? 
251 days ago
i have a question i have the series S console at what fps/frame rate is inquisitor martyr running right now? is it 60fps? it  seems like its 60 because minecraft dungeon is 30fps still atm cause of xbox one bc but martyr feels much smoother so its 60? even on the base consoles its 60?
268 days ago
My reply goes to the PS5 version too, we started to probe it and we will see how it will end. What I can confirm for now that we will examine how Inquisitor runs on the new generations.
269 days ago

Yes, as a PS5 owner, I am also interested in this question

269 days ago
Xbox Series X is already under our scope but it will take time to decide what changes will be made to make Inquisitor more compatible with this next-gen console.