Network error issue

Today I've got a game crash (Van Helsing Final Cut) and from now on I've always a network error message when I want to log in online in the game, and I can't anymore. I tried to scan the files integrity but nothing changed. I've the steam version, and I'm registered on the website too ( with this Gmail e-mail address
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Network error issue
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2 years 152 days ago
i m w40k player and i have the same issue, when i read your message i think, they have probably a major problem on all server :( hope they work today :( (in few country may the first is a non working day...)
2 years 152 days ago
Same here. I had been playing the game for a couple months without a problem. Today at first I could login, but got stuck in "downloading character" screen. Later it turned into a "network error", can't even login now. It's been 5 hours.