Need help With void crusade bug


hI Im stuck on a void crusade the system crashes when i enter a mission the last mission in the crusade i had to do twice as the game crashed on completion now i cannot even start the next mission without it crashing its crashed 4 times.

Could you please do something to help me i need to finsh the void crusade to complete a set of seasonal objectives to get me a extra storage slot.

Mrm0rdenB5-4 is charachter name thanks in advance.

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Need help With void crusade bug
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1 year 43 days ago
Fixes were prepared for the problem but it will get implemented only after the Season ends.

Hence we decided to mark your objective as completed (since we can clearly see that you worked a lot on your objectives and character) and deducted 1 Fate point from your other task called 'Interpreter of Fate'. The only thing you have to do is to gain 1 Fate and your Tier 4 gets completed. :)

Thanks for your patience in the last period!

1 year 93 days ago

Mrm0rdenB5  is the account name  if this helps