Missions no longer spawning in subsectors for all characters


Hi there wonderful devs :)  

Platform: ps4

Psn: Heruva 

I'm playing seasonal psyker and was farming influence in the tenebra subsector. 

I've done all the missions for the Aethon and Dagnor systems. For 3 days now, those missions do not respawn, which means those systems do not have any missions anymore. The other systems where i have not completed all missions have been refreshed. 

This seriously hampers my ability to progress as the random missions list contains too few of the systems i want to farm and there difficulty is of course a lot higher which limits the tarot cards I can use to receive a higher amount of influence upon mission completion. 

To my surprise, when i switched from my seasonal psyker to my non-seasonal assassin, the Aethon and Dagnor systems also showed empty, even though i haven't played those systems with my assassin. 

I've attached an image to show exactly what i mean. This is not game breaking but of course not really helpful either ;) 

I'll refrain from completing all missions in a system for now. 


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Missions no longer spawning in subsectors for all characters
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1 year 41 days ago
Honestly, we haven't yet found any connection in this matter. There were reports about this but we could not deduct any conclusion so we are still in the dark.

@BROTHER KUNDARI‍ has a good eyesight so I will give a try to the empty system. Maybe that leads us somewhere.

Thanks for getting back and the tip too!

1 year 42 days ago
Heya Marcopolocs,

I just checked and all my characters now have missions again for Aethon and Dagnor.

Thanks a bunch for fixing this so fast! You guys rock! Again! :)

Just for my information, is there something I did that might have caused this or just a case of Murphy?

Cheers and thx again!

1 year 42 days ago
Brother Kundari

What you state seems correct behaviour to me.
For as long as I've been playing, missions do not refresh right away but seem to refresh according to a daily schedule.
That would be fine by me, but in this case, after systems have been emptied of missions, they don't seem to refresh at all anymore.

However, it seems some action was taking and I'll confirm later if I notice new missions in the Aethon system.

1 year 42 days ago
Well, I can also mention that this is an issue for us PC´rs too, I noticed. In some systems after running Missions empty, they stay empty for several hours, before new Missions pops up.
1 year 42 days ago
Ok, I'll check in about 8 hours after work.

Thanks for your feedback. I'll keep you posted.

1 year 42 days ago
Could you please check if you can see new missions in the Aethon System now? There should be a couple new ones:)