Missions Accomplished Statistic Bug/Clarification


Hi i would like to report an issue. I have been doing random missions with another of my Season Characters. However i have noticed that my Missions Accomplished Statistic hasnt been increasing.
However when i do missions with my Main Character NON-SEASON. it adds to the Statistic.

Apparently my friend who also just got into the game 2 days ago is also having the same Issue. His Missions Accomplished is still 0. He is only using his only Character which he created for this SEASON.

Is this a Season Mechanic? Or do all the cumulative missions just add after the Season Ends?
 Kindly seeking help/clarification for this thanks

Account Name: Aedifex
Platform: PC

Friend's Accnt Name: Nic0
Platform: PC

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Missions Accomplished Statistic Bug/Clarification
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106 days ago

Sounds like a bug. There are two counters in the game. One is in the Main menu, displaying your time played and total kills. The other is shown on the Player info window. Which one were you referring to?

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