Mission not appearing - Chap 3 Machine Spirit



Can you reach out to me.  The Chap 3 mission Machine Spirit does not appear on the map and there are no mission icons on the bridge to initiate it. I cannot further the campaign.  I am on PS5. I 


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Mission not appearing - Chap 3 Machine Spirit
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185 days ago
Hi again, could you please send me a message on this very same website's support chat? You can find it on the homescreen by scrolling until you see a yellow box.
187 days ago
Thank you for the reply. The mission does not appear by pressing L2 nor can I find the Martyr in the System map in order initiate the mission from there.
187 days ago
Hi! Can you try and see if you can launch the mission from the mission deployment screen, by pressing L2? Cheers!