Missing last clue on Klosterheim in chapter 3


I'm progressing in the main campaign with no problems, but i've got this funny issue: i'm actually missing the last klosterheim clue (chapter 3). Is that a bug or am I missing something? I repeat, this is not stopping me in progressing in the main missions, i just have this "klosterheim" entry with the last clue missing.

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Missing last clue on Klosterheim in chapter 3
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208 days ago

Could you be please more specific? The issue mentioned in the thread should not relate to anything like that. You cannot complete a given mission in the story campaign?

210 days ago
this  clue  still hasnt  been  fixed  guys  2  years  on  plz  fix  so i  can  get  my  reward  for the completion  of  the klosterhiem  investigation
2 years 197 days ago

That clue is no longer part of the story, we decided to remove it eventually but it was left in an empty form in the game. We will make sure to remove the deciving box as well! Thanks for the report! 

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