Menü and game text not appearing


Hi all,

Have you faced this issue as well? Until now it seams I'm the only one.

- After funding started, the 1st game  version run well with the 2 missions (assassin and crusader)

- After the 1st patch went live, the game text, in the menü, and also in every window, the text is just a raw information line, and the it seams that the text itself is missing.

(see screenshots) 

- I have tried to reinstall the game several times, also deleted manually every game file from install folder and user folder. Run a registry clean. 

-Thought that the issue could be the regional settings, because I use a Win10 with "hungary" as region.

My rig:


VGA Driver: 378.66


CPU Intel Corei5 3470 

OS: Win10 64 bit.

Any ideas?



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Menü and game text not appearing
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7 years 97 days ago
Holy hell my dear...that was it....I couldn't change it in game, couldn't change the system to HUN, and totally deleted every reg. file (at least I thought) and this only single reg change did the trick.

Thank you! :)

Áldás rád :D

7 years 97 days ago

It is probably your registry settings so to change it here you go:

  • Exit the game
  • Hit Win+R
  • Type in regedit and hit Enter
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/NeocoreGames/Warhammer
  • To the right you should see language
  • Change it to say eng

How it should look.