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Today we are intruducing one of the founders of NeocoreGames, Eory

He is responsible for many aspects of game development and the workings of the company itself. He was kind enough to be available for a short interview, so, let's get to know him!

Can you tell us about your job at NeocoreGames?

As a producer, I lead the divisions responsible for visual effects (VFX), sound effects (SFX), and music for our games and PR / Marketing materials. And on that note, I am also responsible for in-game videos. I am a member of the concept design team and I contribute to ideas and decisions for our upcoming games, and later, I work on the implementation of those systems. I supervise production and I participate actively in development. More precisely, I set up scripts on levels and I supervise the work of other level designers and fix any issues I can find. For my work, I use various video and audio editing tools, capture software, and our in-house tools needed to produce content. As one of the leaders of the company, I take my share of various HR-related tasks.

What are some of the recurring challenges in your division?

Audio can be a tricky subject. People have different tastes, everybody has an opinion, and everybody wants to share their vision. Leaders come in to provide a strong sense of control to keep things in check. I can usually help with deterring any self-appointed experts ;) With VFX, my problem is that I don’t have anybody above me or any critical voices beside me, because I’m the only one working on special effects for the games, so I always have some doubts whether they are up to the standards of the other parts of our games. With level design, the most difficult part is fixing issues. I try not to just do the work myself but to also explain to creators what the problem is and offer various ways to solve it. This way we can make sure that this knowledge is retained, and the issue never occurs again.

Do you have any interesting stories about development?

I used to create some unacceptable content when creating our videos, but thankfully, as opposed to me, there are adult people working in the PR division and they purged everything before these got out to the public. I wanted to save them for posterity, but IT had watchful eyes.

What did you do before NeocoreGames?

I am one of the founders of NeocoreGames, and together with the other founding members, I’ve been in science-fiction and fantasy circles as early as high school. I also completed law school, but we were already working on our first game by then. Therefore, I never had any other workplaces before.

What was your favorite game that you have worked on?

Just before every release, I always think that this game will put me in an early grave. However, after release, I tend to cherish them all. :)

What are some of your favorite things you'd like to mention?

I’m crazy about animals, and we are letting more and more pets into the office. If it were up to me, we would have divisions for alpacas, wombats, and grizzlies as well!

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Meet the Team: Eory
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65 days ago
Thank, we will forward your king words to the audio team! :)
69 days ago
Pet and particularly cats are always welcome! My ideas about acceptable game content also need close observation. Sound effects are very good in Martyr and King Arthur.