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Let's Joust! - PVP Guide



The release date of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is closer than ever. After a successful Kickstarter campaign we've been working hard on implementing and improving features, the latest one being a major overhaul in UX, bringing many quality of life changes. We will talk a bit more about the game in the following weeks leading up to the release, so make sure to check back occasionally.

Today we will focus on a relatively recent additon, the PvP mode.

No castle would be complete without some knightly jousting, right? That's why - and thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers - PvP is available in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, for those looking to hone their battle skills against fellow players. The optional game mode plays out on three different maps, each with their own unique look and layout, each favoring different strategies and compositions. Let's just check it all out, shall we?

Jumping into a PvP game is easy as 1-2-3: just click Multiplayer in the Knight's Tale menu to bring up the list of available lobbies and check out the open games. If there's none available, or you're looking to create your own, press the Create Match button, and set up the match the way you want it. You can choose from four Morality-based team presets, or select Draft, in which players take turns creating their dream team of Heroes. Don't forget to select the map of your choice either - it plays a huge role in which team will be able to come out victorious in the end. When all is set up, click "Ready" on the bottom left, prompt the other player to do so too, and start your epic battle.

 All that's left is to win - but how do you do it? First off, as Knight's Tale's genre suggests, it's all about tactics. Scour your environment for potential openings, watch your flanks and protect those most vulnerable to damage. But beware, your opponent will try to do the same! In open battlefields, like the Forest map, charging in head on might be the best approach, but the Maze map, full of impenetrable walls (unless you're an adept magic user, of course) favor those good at quick repositioning and ranged attacks.

To help you in battle, each map spawns with various power-up orbs - red for extra damage, green for healing the wounded, and blue for 2 whole turns of total invulnerability, each of which can easily turn the tides of battle. Make sure to grab them, before your opponent can reach them, or set up some of your Heroes for Overwatch, and strike down anyone trying to snatch one of the power-ups! The player to move first has a slight advantage in this one, since they get to reach the orbs faster, so ranged units with major damage might come in handy when going second.

And now, the bread and butter of the fight, the Heroes themselves. You might have already met some of them if you've played through the first Act of the campaign, but even they have some extra spells that not even the most trained players have seen, unless they tried the PvP mode! Make sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with these spells and their countless combinations -one slip-up might be the end of your entire team.

In general, these spells can be grouped into two categories: offensive and utility. Utility spells offer ways to beef up your own team, set up defenses or breach through enemy lines, while offensive abilities are all about damage, of course. Which one to use, though? That's up to you! If the enemy is clumped upon top of each other, consider laying waste to them with flames from above, burning the ground beneath all of them in AoE. In other cases, stuns and pick-offs are your best bet. Doing things right AND doing the right things is what makes a good strategist after all!

If you're looking to discuss the intricacies of PvP further, or find a worthy opponent, we suggest heading over to the official Knight's Tale Discord server. The most seasoned blades of Avalon all gather there, sharing their wisdom with those looking to conquer the lands. You'll surely find good advice and a great community over there, so check it out!

The full version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released on March 29, 2022. An Early Access version featuring the first act is available now on Steam!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Let's Joust! - PVP Guide
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