King Arthur: Legion IX

Out Now on Steam!



The time has come for conquest... our newest tactical RPG, King Arthur: Legion IX has been released, and it's priced at $19.99 with a temporary 10% release discount, and even more if you're a returning player!

As Gaius Julius Mento, you will face mythical creatures and malevolent forces in this compelling dark fantasy adventure. Emerge from the depths of Tartarus, restore Nova Roma, tackle challenging missions, and decide the fate of Avalon. Find your humanity... or become a demon forever.

Watch our newest Feature Trailer here:

With the release of this new title, the game is also available in a bundle with King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The bundle is called Tales of Avalon - if you already own Knight's Tale, you will receive an extra 15% discount on top of the release discount. If you only want to buy King Arthur: Knight's Tale, it's on a separate sale as well at 60% discount!

In any case, thank you for your interest and support, please let us know what you think about King Arthur: Legion IX. As always, any feedback is welcome, don't hesitate to write if you encounter any technical problems. And of course, enjoy!

Onwards to Eternal Rome!

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King Arthur: Legion IX Out Now on Steam!
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31 days ago

Why does this game look more like a DLC for KAKT? It is literally a copy without some gameplay parts (wounds manage, reiligion ruler axis, hero pool etc.) that only introduced 6 new hero models, a few new maps, different missions and cinematics.