King Arthur: Legion IX -

Meet the Main Character


King Arthur: Legion IX is our upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG, a standalone story set in the world of our previous game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

Legion IX features a brand new point of view of an undead legion who come to Avalon to conquer the magical island. Their leader is the main protagonist, and his name is Gaius Julius Mento. He is, above all, an undead Roman legionary who has just fought his way back from the Tartarus, the Roman underworld. He finds himself on the magical island of Avalon, the otherworld of all Arthurian knights.

The Tribunus is a born commander, a highly intelligent and dutiful man, who doesn’t take everything too seriously, mostly as a partial consequence of him being dead and a prisoner of the underworld for a long time. He is not afraid of self-irony, which could be in stark contrast to his quite terrifying look as a creature of Tartarus.

In the game, he will present himself as a middle-aged, authoritative and commanding person, but witty and knowledgeable at the same time, and hopefully he will prove to be an interesting character to control in his quest to establish Nova Roma.

As he traverses the land of Avalon, he will meet new companions that can join his party. In these new conversations, you might learn more about his past, his future ambitions and his personality – however, the ultimate decision about his fate will be yours. Based on your choices, Gaius Julius Mento can either step on the path to redemption or on the path to embrace his demonic side.

If you are looking forward to Legion IX, make sure to wishlist it on Steam. Until then, you can try the many new additions to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, such as the Patch 2.0 overhaul or the new seasonal update, Rising Eclipse. You can also look forward to the console release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale on February 22!

Forward to Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Meet the Main Character
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