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Meet Sicarius


Ave, all!

Following in the footsteps of King Arthur: Knight's Tale, we have another dark fantasy game cooking in the proverbial oven, and that game is King Arthur: Legion IX, a Roman-themed tactical RPG set on the magical island of Avalon.

Today we are taking a look at a character who isn't exactly essential to the main story, but he will be a very interesting addition to the party - both because of his personality and his skills.

This character introduces himself as Sicarius, the meaning of which is "dagger-wielder", or in a less literal sense, "assassin".

Our protagonist, Gaius Julius Mento meets him in a less than ideal situation - Sicarius was supposed to ambush the tribunus with his insane companions, however, he remembers the way of the Legion. Instead of attacking, he gives a fair warning. He has no choice but to desert his former companions, and he will join Gaius to aid him in his quest to rebuild Nova Roma.

But who is he? Back then, he worked as a scout in the Legion, and he specializes in ranged attacks. As a child, he was a street urchin in the shadowy streets of Rome, so his senses are sharp, and he is never reckless. He is brave, charismatic, and rather jovial. No wonder Gaius decides to trust him.

We have had a great launch of King Arthur: Knight's Tale on consoles, and we are also occasionally releasing patches to make things even more polished. Your helpful feedback is always appreciated. It would also help us tremendously if you would be kind enough to wishlist King Arthur: Legion IX, as the game's completion is slowly approaching... and the announcement of an exact release date isn't too far away either!

See you in Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Meet Sicarius
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