King Arthur: Legion IX -

Meet Plutonius Nerva


King Arthur: Legion IX is an upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG set in the world of our previous similar game, King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Today we are introducing Plutonius Nerva the Flamen, the first companion of Gaius Julius Mento (the protagonist of Legion IX).
Plutonius is a priest of Orcus, god of the underworld and an advisor to Sulla, devoted to him since the times of Ebolacrum. He is a very influential and powerful person, his demeanor will reflect this. He is a somewhat aggressive, threatening character, however, very loyal to Sulla.

He traversed Tartarus to gather a legion of the undead, and as a priest of Orcus, he sees unlimited potential in the existence beyond life. He thinks he's immortal and he's a cruel fatalist. He will also be a representative of one of the extremes of the new morality chart, on the side of Death.

He imagines Eternal Rome, an otherworldly place ruling over both the living and the dead, under the command of Emperor Sulla. Upon arriving to Avalon, he immediately sees the opportunity to start building such a place.

Plutonius Nerva will join Gaius Julius Mento, hoping to lead Legion IX to conquer Avalon, Britannia... and perhaps the entire world!

If you are looking forward to Legion IX, make sure to wishlist it on Steam. Until then, you can try the many new additions to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, such as the Patch 2.0 overhaul or the new seasonal update, Rising Eclipse. You can also look forward to the console release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale on February 22!

Forward to Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Meet Plutonius Nerva
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