King Arthur: Legion IX -

Arrival at Nova Roma



King Arthur: Legion IX is the new game set in the world of our previous dark fantasy tactical RPG, King Arthur: Knight's Tale (which is now out on consoles as well). In that previous game, Mordred has to find his way to the ruins of Camelot before being able to manage that place. Now, Gaius Julius Mento has a similar path. Let's take a look at the beginning moments of King Arthur: Legion IX!

Gaius appears on Avalon with two of his companions, after a long journey through Tartarus. Plutonius Nerva assures him that they are now closer to home than ever. They see workers on the road, remarking that they seem to be peculiar Italians. No, as it turns out, this is not Italia. But some of these barbarians have captured inhabitants of a former Roman colony called Nova Roma, as a woman named Flora explains.

Gaius cannot let this happen. The fight against the barbarians is merely a formality. Everybody seems terrified of the undead legionnaires. But it doesn't matter... the prospect of a lost Roman colony on Avalon is an exciting development. Soon they arrive to a place where they finally see something recognizable: a statue of Vesta herself. Further yet, the small party of legionnaires discover a mysterious woman trapped by arcane idols. Who could she be?

One thing is certain: once Gaius can get rid of the other undead forces, he could set up headquarters and start rebuilding here. Nova Roma will be managed similarly to Camelot in the previous game, but with new facilities and a new morality chart. Please look forward to future posts about these new features. Until then, please be kind and wishlist our game on Steam.

To Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Arrival at Nova Roma
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