King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Patch v0.0.3 | February 26



The first Early Access update of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is out now! We call it the February update, since we plan to do these on a monthly basis. This update is based not just on our own testing and experience, but also on your feedback, your bug reports, and your suggestions. We're truly grateful for your help and hope you'll enjoy the new additions.

Your previous saved progress will be compatible with the latest update so you can continue where you left off.

In case you missed out on our Roadmap you can check it [here] as it reveals the upcoming content for the next 3 months.

New missions

We have added five new maps in this update, extending the map pool a bit:

  • Razed Hamlet
  • Secret Encampment
  • Blood Rites
  • Drowned Land
  • Savage Magic

New playable class

A new Hero - Sir Tegyr - joins the Round Table, introducing the fifth playable class to the game: the Vanguard. Vanguards are skilled scouts, who are proficient at setting up and disarming traps, hiding and moving stealthily. They wield one-handed swords and can equip medium armor. In this build, Sir Tegyr joins the court after completing the second story map, Kingstone, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience and level up this character as well.

New skills and abilities

New maps need a stronger party, which means you can continue your progression and it also means new skills and active abilities are now possible to unlock.

New buildings

The Training Ground and the Enchanted Tower are now both accessible in Camelot. You can construct and later upgrade these, similar to other buildings, once you have access to Camelot.

  • The Training Ground lets your Heroes gain XP while you're away adventuring so they can keep up with your main party's level.
  • The Enchanted Tower works like the Cathedral or the Hospice, but this building removes various curses from your Heroes.

New features

  • We redesigned the building mechanisms in Camelot: From now on, there will be two ways to heal your Heroes in the Hospice: you can either choose to heal wounded heroes for free but it will take more missions to have them cured. Alternatively, you can spend gold to hasten the process
  • Similarly, at the cost of gold you can hasten the removal of injuries and curses in the Cathedral as well as in the Enchanted Tower, and speed up the Heroes' training in the Training Ground
  • Inspecting both your Heroes and enemy units' stats can now be done by clicking on the magnifying glass icon placed in the bottom left corner of the minimap and then hovering the cursor over a chosen unit. This option is available by pressing the CTRL button as well
  • Healing Potions can now be used outside of combat as well during missions
  • You can now control your heroes' movements during exploration by holding the movement button and moving the cursor on the screen instead of clicking
  • Each mission's suggested level is now shown on the Adventure Map
  • The missions' level will determine the amount of XP your Heroes can obtain. The higher the level compared to each of your Heroes' level, the more XP they will receive while lower level missions will grant less XP
  • The wares of the Merchant will now refresh after every 3 completed mission in general
  • From now on, enemy units can also enter Overwatch and react not just to the movements but to the actions of your Heroes too


  • Player progress is now synced in the Steam Cloud so your progress will remain the same no matter where you log in to Steam
  • More than 50 new item enchants have been added
  • Upon hovering the cursor over enemy units, their respective names will be displayed now
  • Saved progress can now be loaded from both the Adventure screen and missions so you don't have to quit to the Main menu to access them
  • New Vanguard-specific items have been added
  • The enemy factions you can encounter in missions and the significant attainable rewards will be displayed on the mission briefing window
  • Most objects you can interact with are now marked on the minimap
  • Smoother hero movement while exploring the maps between battles
  • In Overwatch a new 'Eye' icon has been added to the selected grids and these grids have been recolored to make them more distinguishable
  • The number of attacks you can unleash in Overwatch has been added to its tooltip
  • The number of Action Points you can save for the next turn with the Reserve button has been added to its tooltip
  • The permanent Injury and Curse debuff icons are now shown on the Hero portrais during the exploration and battles
  • Added a more distinctive description to Vitality and Hit Points
  • Several UI changes and improvements
  • Added new random dialogues for the Heroes between the encounters


  • From now on, 8 spent skill points will be required to unlock the Tier 2 skills instead of 10 and 24 spent skill points will be required to unlock the Tier 3 skills instead of 30
  • The Heroes' two Trinket slots have been separated to slot 1 and slot 2: from now on only Jewelry and Accessories can be put into the first slot and similarly only Lucky Charms, Manuscripts, Artifacts, Provisions, Trophies, and Oathstones can be placed into the second slot
  • Various skills' level requirement have been changed
  • The Vitality of various melee Heroes has been increased
  • Doubled the dropping chance of Potions from loot but Healing Potions will no longer replenish after missions once consumed
  • 'The Lost' enemy units will no longer be able to hide behind covers
  • Rebalanced missions to be slightly more challenging than before

Fixed Bugs

  • Various rarely occurring crash fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred at the end of Darkwood as the reward screen popped up
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred if a cursed Hero has been inflicted with one additional curse. Mostly appeared in Bleeding Cross Monastery upon fighting the Banshee
  • Fixed an issue where the Healing Potion had no effect on Sir Pelleas
  • Fixed a rare issue where during Deploy mode Heroes could take actions against enemy units or spend Action points
  • The Armour Breaking Battle stat is now properly displayed on the Character sheet
  • Fixed an issue where, upon the death of certain Heroes, a wrong level has been displayed under the deceased's portrait on the reward screen
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Kay could acquire an increasing number of Action points upon activating his Bloodlust skill and wielding an item which grants +1 Actions points on kill
  • Fixed the Power Attack Champion skill's AP cost which was different in combat compared to the displayed amount on the Character sheet
  • Fixed the Lighten Armour Defender skill which did not properly reduce the loss of Action points caused by heavy armours
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of various skills on the Battle stats did not get registered properly
  • Various - mostly monster - skill icons' placeholders have been replaced by new, unique icons
  • The Cathedral's "Herbalist" and "Healing Friars" upgrades now work properly
  • The Merchant's "Tradeposts" upgrade now works properly
  • Fixed the missing Injury and Curse name strings on the Mission Result screen
  • Fixed several missing UI sound effects
  • Numerous typos and strings and descriptions have been corrected
  • Fixed a couple of overlapping descriptions
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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Patch v0.0.3 | February 26
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