Item duplication since yesterdays server issues.


Yesterday and day before there were some server problems and got multiple times charachter load in error and was unable to play, things wouldnt load and response from server was very delayed or did not respond at all.
Now it seems that my inventory keeps refilling itself full of duplicated items.
Usually when i relog, or finish mission. or wait for while. i check my inventory, its 100% full of low level items.
I dont mind having free money but yeah it kinda breaks some gameplay aspects.
I really dont want to exploit ingame clitches like heretic,  but right now i have no choice but either salvage or sell them to have space in inventory. its not much for low quality duplicate items but it is still free stuff.
Im still low level with my new tech-adept so i am not going for leaderboards for "unfair advantage"
But if this keeps happening on higher levels and i start to receive infinite amounts of duplicate ancient relics i will update this post,
and request penitence from machinegod.

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Item duplication since yesterdays server issues.
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2 years 331 days ago
Ok it seems that duplication has ended for now.

It just kept duplicating the items i collected and tried to sell on the day of lag.

2 years 332 days ago
Shhhh, abandon the false emperor.