Issues firing from cover


Has anyone else had an issue when firing from cover and not being able to hit the enemy you are aiming at. I have been using a plasma cannon and if I am in cover I can't hit anyone. It just constantly fires to the left of the enemy when I use single shot. I was doing it for several minutes at 1 point just to see if it would eventually connect but unless I use something with a deviation in the firing arc I can't seem to hit anything. Single shot skills just don't work. I'm using Xbox One. Probably what I get for trying to use cover in a Warhammer game. It's like the moment you try to use cover you end up going full storm trooper. Never go full storm trooper....

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Issues firing from cover
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3 years 10 days ago
I think thats because of the wrong angle you shooting from, especially when the enemies also using cover, i experienced several times what you are talking about ... as i experienced there is a learning curve how to use cover the right way and in the right situation.

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