Is Inquisition-Martyr Co-op as good as Diablo?



My girlfriend and I are huge Diablo 3 fans, we saw this game described as 'Diablo in space' and from what I've read about Warhammer 40k the lore is amazing.

But from what I understand at least initially the Co-op experience was quite lacking, you can't play the main campaign together or even both your characters at the same time. 

I was just wondering if the co-op experience has been improved since launch or if there are confirmed plans to bring 'Inquisition' to the level of Diablo before I buy.

Any help would be really appreciated

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Is Inquisition-Martyr Co-op as good as Diablo?
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2 years 284 days ago

This is exactly what I needed to know, I'll wait for the co-op update. Thank you so much for the knowledge mate

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2 years 284 days ago
There are two options in Inquisitor: Martyr:

1. For console players local-coop

2. Online-multiplayer coop with matchmaking and/or playing with friends

1) While i'm an xbox player i never tried the typical console local-coop ( playing on one console together / sitting in front of the same screen ) and from what i read its very limited for the second player

2) The online-multiplayer is for ppl playing on two or more PCs or consoles, you can invite friends and play together, you can use matchmaking to get a team BUT for the moment campaign/story-missions don't work for multiplayer, they are only solo content. BUT there will be an update next year that will change this.

The starmap of Inquisitor: Martyr is huge, with alot of systems and planets with missions, this non-campaign missions can be played together, but as much as i like this game and i really do, if you really want to play together all the time you should wait for the update next year that makes it possible to coop campaign missions.

The multiplayer aspect of Martyr is not as complete for the moment, as it is with Diablo 3, but the game itself as an ARPG is great. The gameplay is slower, but more tactical, feels different ... and i wont miss the possibility to rotate and zoom the camera in an ARPG nomore.

Hope this helps, best regards.