The investigations need a lot more depth, at the moment they arent investigations theyre random missions loosely bound together by a couple of paragraphs of text. It would be very cool if we actually got to investigate things and places, work out clues and puzzles on our own, question people on our own. We could go to imperial cities and work our way through the people questioning and investigating to unlock missions tied into the investigation, like the governors and nobles down to imperial citizens. More investigative depth would make the investigations far more re-playable because at the moment they arent enjoyable they are instead a boring chore, and one that doesn't even reward you for putting up with doing them. putting the time into implementing these features now before the new season opens up new areas would also allow for these features to appear in the new story-lines that we will be gaining in the new sub-sectors. Once these features are implemented it would hardly be a chore to keep adding variables into the pool from which the random investigations are drawn greatly helping towards re-playability outside of warzone and pvp in the future which greatly appeals to those of us who actually want to feel like influential inquisitors and not just mary sues being carried along a narrative that doesn't allow us to explore the world of an inquisitor beyond a tightly bound trail. Such features would also greatly enhance the immersion into the morality system, we as players would be able to greater define the nature of our inquisitor, what choices we choose to make with the power we have would be more apparent then the empty, shallow choice system currently in place for investigations. anyhoo thats my constructive rant done.

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1 year 203 days ago
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5 years 305 days ago
I agree too - and i'm happy, that someone different wrote my thoughts down. It shows, i'm not the only one who is atleast a little bit disappointed of that. And we need to ask the Devs: "What do you think would Dan Abnett say about the lag of Investigations?"
5 years 306 days ago
Ageee. and those mission need  radical/purity decision in the end !