Inventory deletion, level rollback, character stuck. Help!!!


Was playing a few void crusades with friends and on 3 different occasions when we beat the mission the game would take forever to leave the mission. When it finally did and we looked at our inventories all the loot was gone, our levels were reset to what it was before the mission or the mission before and the mission on the crusade map was marked as completed. We couldn't redo the mission either. 

 There were also occasion when my character got knocked down that it when it got back up it couldn't move or cast skills. I had to die for it to reset which sucked cause I would lose 10% of the end of crusade end loot bonus. 

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Inventory deletion, level rollback, character stuck. Help!!!
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77 days ago

Could you please tell us more about the issue with the knock down/move problem? Like where did it happen, against what type of enemy, what was your character's class etc. Any information could help.

Regarding the Crusade Co-Op missions. In which Crusade did you encounter this problem, can you recall?