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Steam Sale & Recap



With the launch of the Seasonal Journey, there is also a new Steam Sale going on right now with a sizeable 80% discount on everything related to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, including the base game, all DLCs, and the all-encompassing Definitive Edition. The offer ends on February 6, so there is plenty of time to make use of this sale.

And why is this the best time to jump in? Let's recap!

  • Seasonal Journey is now live, adding all previous Seasons to the game, selectable at will after character creation. While you will not be able to jump between seasons with a single character, you can still play any of them, any time, with any new character, now and forever!
  • The Seasonal Journey is now in development for consoles as well, it will bring the two missing Seasons at the same time to the PlayStation and Xbox versions!
  • Offline mode is being developed (for the PC as of now), so soon you won't be needing an online connection to play. The campaign and all side content of Inquisitor - Martyr will stay.
  • A new DLC is coming this year, adding the Hierophant Class, an Inquisitor who can call in Acolytes and inspire them to purge mutants and heretics!

As you can see, six years after its initial release, five years after its 2.0 overhaul, Inquisitor - Martyr is still going strong, receiving new updates, so if you were hesitant to try it out, 2024 is the best year for jumping in!

We would like to thank our faithful community for supporting us on this long journey in the Caligari sector. May the Emperor protect you all!

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Inquisitor - Martyr Steam Sale & Recap
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65 days ago

We fixed this issue in the past couple of days, could you please confirm it's working for you now? :)

66 days ago
How about the DLC that I purchased with the sale? Don't have access to it. I've launched from steam and followed the steps given by steam as well as what I could find on the forums here. No dice. I have the DLC characters, but its asking me to buy the missions.