Inquisitor Martyr in French on Twitch


Hi all,

This post just to say i had my first stream of my life on Twitch, and i choose Inquisitor Martyr. Finally, it is rather Inquisitor Martyr who made me want to open my French channel, because I think it is sorely lacking, while it is a game that I love more and more. Cause it's really a great game.  My channel is in French. , i had few people for this first time.  For me, It's just the beginning, this chain will only talk about Martyr.

I am not a hadcore gamer, this channel will not be for hardcore gamers. But I know how to talk about things that I like.

My channel is "Viddock", usually in the evening.

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Inquisitor Martyr in French on Twitch
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4 years 45 days ago

All videos Here*. It goes nicely.

Toutes les vidéos ici. Ça avance gentiment.

*In French.

4 years 46 days ago

On Twitch, for French People :)