I think some feedbacks might be old, or maybe I already raised them. However:

- Character Selection: could you display our Companion too? That would be nice to see it with our character + could you make our character bigger or allow to zoom in and out, and rotate it.

- Execution: ... but I'm not even sure this is about Execution, unless the "Finish Moves" on some Elites are an Execution (I never spent a skill point in the Exec Tree). Anway, those animations are most of the time bugged (camera inside, visual issues, sync animations not working,...), out of context (enemies around stop moving/shooting), and far too long. Thing is, they auto-start almost each time I kill some Champions/Elite/.... For the Warp Surge event, I play an Infiltrator Assassin and have to watch those executions far too much, where I pull heads off or kill pilots, and they really need more love (and be more dynamic). Please remove or improve them.

- Sabotage : the machines we have to destroy are both static and not working. Their destruction is weird as they break into several parts like an empty pot. It would make much more sense to have them working (with sounds and FX), then explode and swap to a destroyed version, instead of "paf ... crack... broken".

Nothing more for now. Thanks

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1 year 57 days ago

I see your point, and I understand you, because I was thinking about those things myself a few times after playig a while (like 50hrs). But when you have been playing for a bit longer (like 500+hrs) then just a while, you kinda just forgets about and don´t care about it the same way. It just becomes what it is. It is just there, and it is never ever a gamebreaking issue.

And when the day it comes for a new paid DLC release, I will gladly buy it in an instant. And if the cost is €40 I have alrady paid it before it has been out for an hour.

1 year 58 days ago

Hum. This topic was not about listing major improvements and ideas but just few minor things I got in mind after playing. Obviously, there are tons of improvements or new things to be done in any games, but that was not my point. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'd love to see more enemies, Greater Demons and more unique stuff. I would gladly pay for a solid DLC if they ever want to make one and can't make it for free.

1 year 58 days ago
In my view these are things that I find less then minor things to get hanged up into. But perhaps also because I have played lot more Close Combat then Ranged then you.

And those Finishing moves regarding Sentinels and Helbrutes I´ve seen so much that I really don´t care that much about it any more. To me it is there just for the sake of being there, when it is there. And on some occasions it means the difference between Sucess and Failure of the Mission for me.

And I don´t find the sounds of those Bunker Turrets that weird. It sounds like Air to Air Flak to me. And the thing I do with them is to shut them down and then move on to the next one.

And those Sabotage Machines. Not taking rush, taking your time, and look around?? What on earth are you talking about, lol. When it comes to those things, the fewest of few, is concerned about taking their time and don´t rush things. You move in, you whack the mobs, bam-bam and finish the Mission. That is how most people are playing their Missions.

You want improvements? Real Improvements? Then give me more Mobs for the different Races that are already out. The are many more Troops choices that haven´t been introduced yet. Improvements? Give me another fully playable Character with unique Skills and Styles. Give me some nice cool new Game Modes. Open New Sectors. Introduce new Warhammer 40K Races. Give me the Challenge of giving out and make me find Fantastic great new Unique Sets of Armour. And I´m talking about the Armour Sets that gives you, if you can manage to find/make all the pieces, combined it will give you unique and special Stats and powerful Abilities only available if you manage to combine a full set.

Give me some new Mission modes. Why not introduce unique new Missions that makes you bump into Greater Deamons of Chaos. I would love to see more Great Unclean ones, and not only one time withn the Campaign.

How about a GameMode introducing ALL the Greater Deamons, along with many other Chaotic entities in some kind of a Ladder thingy.

And you are talking about Sabotage machines? Lol. Sometimes when doing those Missions, I run them so fast, that I sometimes completely forget them at all, and suddenly before I know it, I´m on the other side of the Mission and completely forgot to destroy those Machnes, because of me getting so hung up in whacking those Mobs. LOL. So in fact ending up having to go back to destroy those Machines, lol.

So you want improvements? Then go for it.

I do know things takes time to implement in good ways and so, but I wished we see a bit more things like I mentioned already, but do not misunderstand me, I do love to see that the Developers gives us Updates as they do, I´m very happy about it. But sometimes.... 

1 year 59 days ago

I am only talking about the Zoom in/out and rotation in the Character Selection Main menu. 

About Execution, I can't say. My main is a range build (Sniper + Bolter) and even when I tested other classes, I usually play range weapons. I hardly played close combat builds until the Warp Surge season. And here, I got many times this Execution/FinishMove on the Hellbrutes and Sentinels with my Assassin, whereas I don't think I'm doing something special to start it.

About the Sabotage machines, the way I play I always take time to watch everything around me. I don't rush that much and it's easy to notice how cheap those machines are. I can understand your point of view as this is indeed a minor quality improvement but in my case, it remains something that can be improved. It's the same with the Silent the Guns missions where the sounds of the Bunker Turrets is weird and not fitting those weapons. 

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1 year 59 days ago
I would if even it was an option to turn off executions not bother about it at all. And that is quite simply because that Executions really doesn´t happen that very often. Unless you are actively porsuing a specific Execution build. Which I do not think that many players is doing in the big picture.

When it comes to the Sabotage Machines you are suppsoed to destroy, I´m not sure if there (again) is that many players that really care. What most people is doing with them is run past them like tornadoes, destroys them and moves on to the next one. In fact most people is on their way to the next already so fast that not even the smoke from the previous machine has settled. They couldn´t care less about what kind of sound is coming from them.

In fact some times on those Missions I destroy them so fast & quick that I don´t even notice I even DID it. And then the Mission is done. Lol.

And then this Zoom In/Out & Rotate? What´s up here?! We do that already, and been doing it all the time.

1 year 59 days ago
Brother Kundari
Well, let's say those animations are indeed a way to survive a bit longer sometimes. If there was an option to "Do not play Executions", I would use it instead of watching them. So yes, maybe an option could be a solution for everyone, to avoid removing them. However, they still need an improvement as they are very glitchy and unfitting the action for me. 
1 year 60 days ago
Remove the Execution Animation? Are you crazy? On some occasions it is that specific Animation that actually saving my life.
1 year 62 days ago
Thanks for your suggestions, I made sure to convey them all to our designers. The first point will not likely to come to fruition though as there are more important improvements we are thinking about now. With that said, it is up to our team's decision so this is just a quick comment from my part.