I need a Pro on Psykers pls that can help out.


I need a player which is a Professional player, but mainly with Psykers that can help me out with my Current build, look at my build, look at my current Stats and come with Tips/Help on how BEST to improve, which exact stats I should roll for and to boost my Character. A lot.

I only have 1 single Season Challenge left to do, which is the - Survive without dying 10+ Lvls above your Level 5 times. How it is now, I am very lucky to barely make it through a Mission 10 Lvls higher, if I make it at all. I usually don´t make it.

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I need a Pro on Psykers pls that can help out.
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183 days ago
u should never be in exposed state less dmg etc , part is 100 wrong 
183 days ago
Cerberus Hades
And when it comes to your tips and such, these stats and such are not a BAD and utter WRONG thing to have or refer to. But the main thing here is actually that STATS concerned Protected in it is pretty much a waste of time really. Because in this Season of the Inferno, I find myself more times in Exposed State than I am in a Protected State.
183 days ago
So, anyone? What kind of PERKS is and will some say is ESSENTIAL/MUST HAVE to have when doing Molten Beam and all AoE Heat Powers?

Those I have for the moment is Retrograde Psychic Dominion, Warp Heat Dissipation and Mind Rift II.

Should I also perhaps change some of my SKILLS too, to make even BETTER Heat Damage bonuses?

And also when it comes to these different terms like Hinged/Unhinged and so on. What does it actually mean? What does it do? And when can you tell when you are in it? I tried to find out, but can´t find much, if anything about this.

187 days ago
Well, perhaps not a waste, but FIRE is the main thing of my build and to use.

So, is there anyone knowing what kind of Perks that gives me the best ability to everything according to what I use now of Perks as I said??

188 days ago
Posted by Cerberus Hades 188 days ago
have u looked at my build yet all question should be answered there 
Well, yeas, I did take a look at trhose pictures yes, but all that was, was some pictures. I do believe theyt are good for your use, and I also see that some stats are way different then mine. Your Warpbound Armour is way different then mine. Those Perks you are having, are and may be good for YOUR build, but those for me is nnaahhhh. I am in use of Heat/Fire Damage. So I need to boost Molten Beam and FIRE AoE Damage beyond unimaginable heights. If that is even possible, but oh well.

When looking at the one Perk there called Diversive Tactics. It may be good for, again,  you and your build. But not me. I´m using Fire and Heat based Spells/Powers. I use from time to time Bio Lightning, just to have something to just use to just use it, sincve it does good Damage. But Mainly I´m using Fire and Heat. That Perk gives - Every hit gives the enemies resistance against  that damage type, but gives vulnerability to all others.

Now what I´m using is 90% Fire and 10% Bio Lightning. Which again means it is a waste of time for me to even HAVE that Perk. It means that every time I´m using my Main Heat/Fire it gives added protection for mainly that, and vulnerability to all Bio Lightning. That´s a waste.

188 days ago
have u looked at my build yet all question should be answered there 
189 days ago
Ok, I decided to go for this AoE blasting and get rid of MOST (not all ofc) of the DoT thing, get rid of Inferno, Get Beaming with my Molten one. And quite simply because I also find it fun to do.

I am with a bit of time also going to reroll some of my Stats, and I think I may as well just get rid of the Reflect Chance/Damage as well, replacing it with more contributing FIREish stuff.

But I´m wondering about my PERKS. What are the essential PERKS for me to have, going for something like this? What I have for now is as follows: Retrograde Psychic Dominion, Warp Heat Dissipation and Mind Rift II.

Should I perhaps also change some of my SKILLS?

193 days ago
And yes, i was going to mention this, but forgot. When it comes to many of the items I am having and some of their stats, like the one Joehtosis mentioned for instance, the Purity Seal that gives Adds Warp Vulnerability. Yes, I know, the only spell this is and can actually be good for is for my Bio Lightning Power which I do happen to use from time to time. Reason for me not having rerolled many of my Stats on some of the items is purely and nothing else because of the fact it comes to Money and Materials.

In many cases I spend easily 5 mill in a ZWUP, and then it´s instantly gone!!

If there were possible to actually see, it would be fun to actually jsut see how much Money I have used up until now. I don´t know how much it is, but I know it is one INSANE amount of Cash. LOL.

And then there is this interest of mine for the DoT Burning. Well, if you take a look at my items and so on, you´ll see that out of the Doctrine I have just on my Armour alone, there is a 10% Chance per HIT to cause Burning. Then I have some extra %Chances to cause Burning. Every HEAT Critical based HIt is also able to cause Burning, and so on...

194 days ago
Ok, pretty obvious on these Spells, no. So here they are. I´m sure many of you are quite familiar with these already.

Ok, Wpn Mode1. Death Augury, Misfortune, Endurance, Divine Shot and then Warp Speed. Very happy to have these. Have made me get through many hard tasks during this whole season of many a perils.

Wpn Mode 2: Bio Lightning, Fiery Form, Inferno, Firestorm w/Vulnerability. I have for some reason been thinking about switching Fiery Form for Spontaneous Combustion instead, but it really is not necessary, when Fiery Form is such a blaster as it is. Am also using this Witchfire which Warprods gives.

When it comes to Exposed State, I can tell in my experience at least, that I am pretty much in Exposed State a lot during the Missions, and I can handle myself pretty good, in most cases at least. I can get whomped quite quickly down, but I am also having a decent chance to have enough time to get away as well. But that certainly doesn´t mean that I can also come into those situations where I get 1 single WHOMPPF against me and that´s it. And never know what the Heck was that. Lol. Usually happens when in a bit of rush and yohoo mode. I rather having in Exposed State then in Protected State regarding this Season.

The Warp Rod that gives Double Damage for DoT Skills with 5 Secs Cooldown, is so far only in Inventory. But I would love to use it if I can boost it to the Max. I am thinking about taking 4 Shards which gives +50% DoT Damage. 4 = +200%. But for that, I need to decide - Do I get rid of the Doctrine that gives me +100% Heat Damage OR Do I get rid of my Doctrine that gives all my AoE Powers a -30% Area decrease, but gives +150% Damage. Because oneof them has to go, if I want my DoT Boosted that much. And I like DoT, since I have this Doctrine on my Armour that gives me 10% Chance to cause Burning on EVERY hit. With that and that small extra chance I do have I get Burning get going a LOT I tell ya. And Burning IS DoT.

Getting a Warp Rod with that specific MAIN Dbl Dmg DoT thing is the only Warp Rod I have had. It is usually not a Main thing for me to get on Warp Rods. For me in my case, it is an extremely rare thing to have on Warp Rod at all.

Imagine if I could get Morality Relics consisting of Warp Rods sometimes, eh?! That would also be an incredible thing to get. I´m tired of only getting Tons of Armour and sometimes I get a Pistol or two too. For every 10 Armour I get, I may get 1 Pistol. I never ever get Staffs which I am in need of.

194 days ago

For Perks, I'm using:

Warp Dissipation.  This keeps me from self destructing with warp anomalies.

Frenzon Dispensor to cap my Critcal Hit Chance - the -10% health doesn't seem to affect me much.  You should go with Grinder though until you can boost your hit strength to over 100 or so.

Retrograde Psychic Dominion.  You've got this too, so I don't talk about it much.  Remember that you want to run warp cool with this to get the best effect.  Hence Warp Dissipation.

When I'm running very warp hot, I switch my armor to Warpbound Armor of the Calm (which is -2 Warp Heat/sec).  I've dyed this armor white so I can immediately tell it when I'm wearing it.

Mostly I have armor that gives me resistances for better durability.  My damage reduction is 36%.  These things I don't care about because if I get hit too much, I'm just dead.  Instead I try to burn the enemy with big Direct Damage powers quickly to kill them before they can fight back.  For this reason, I feel that Damage over time (DoTs) are less helpful.  Most of what we fight in this game is low-health creatures that die from a blast or two, especially if your crits are good.  I say low health because it mostly feels like my big Fire Storm and Witchfire powers kills with one shot anything less than champion in strength.  DoTs are wasted on one-shot kills.  Besides, I don't want a timer to kill my enemies, I want to burn them to ash with my direct damage attacks.  Also, I've read on forums that DoTs in this game are generally weak, and this does seem to be the case from what I experimented with.   I did try out a build using Molten Beam and Inferno.  Mostly I got murdered that way...  Not enough area of effect damage, too much getting beat on while the enemy slowly burned one at a time.  No, better to hit strongly from surprise against multiple targets with a big Direct Damage ability, amped up with Divine Shot.

I don't use Dodge or the reflection abilities.  I have a 45 regen, and 26 health gained on hit.

My resistances in my durability armor:

52 Physical

52 Heat

37 Warp 

My base damage is 367

Bonus Heat damage is +118%

Bonus Warp damage is +220%.  Warp is stronger because I went the Radical path and get some beneficial passives because of it.  Some of my fire damage converts to Warp.  Essentially I'm using Warpfire attacks.

194 days ago

It's not really all that obvious what you're using for psychic skills, how many you're using, or what mastery you're pinning to them.

If you're going for mainly heat based skills, then I'll tailor most of what I look at towards that. 

One of your wand's archeotech enchantments is Double damage for DoT skills with 5 second cool-down or longer. Extermination is the only skill that would apply to, if you're not running a build that's focused around that skill, that enchantment is useless. If you are running extermination, running perks like Inverse Warp Attenuation and Mind Rift II seem essential, to me.

The enchant for your armor (and a few other enchantments on various items) which gives bonuses for being in exposed state are questionable to me, are you able to survive in that? Typically if I'm doing Insane+ difficulty and I'm getting smacked around with your damage reduction rate, I die well before even hitting exposed state. Hence why I use precognition, avoids the problem entirely, but then I never hit exposed suppression state, because I don't take damage. I question the utility of that enchantment for non-tank builds and for the psyker specifically, considering how squishy the class is.

Your purity seal has a chance to add warp vulnerability, if you're specializing in heat damage, this is useless.

Looks like you're going for a lot of heat vulnerability modifiers, which can be strong, but how are you applying them? Molten beam would be excellent at this. Since it's a channeled skill, it could apply full 10 stacks of vulnerability almost instantly.

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194 days ago

yes i know the build is on xbox, yes it know few thing were changed but this should give u an better idea what to use , 

  • http://www.mediafire.com/folder/h1zrptz614gke/Psykers_build
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194 days ago
Brother Kundari

Get rid of Psychic Boon, which adds 100% duration to cast buffs.  It does no damage, and doesn't make you more durable - it only adds convenience to play style.  Just cast your buffs sooner.  I use Divine Shot as a buff spell, and it's always available to cast due to how I'm spec'ed.  The duration runs out as the spell refreshes.  I also cast Death Augury, which lasts until it's triggered.

In place of Psychic Boon, perhaps you should take Grinder if you keep your chance of critical at 20%, and your crit hit strength at 25, which is only 150% damage 1 out of every 5 shots.  Grinder removes crits, but gives you a constant 66% damage bonus.  You also don't have to worry about missions that disable Crit.  That's what I used while I leveled up.  Otherwise, significantly boost your Crit Hit Strength and Critical chance.  Maybe you don't know this, but if you mouse over the Crit Hit Strength it will tell you what amount you need to increase your Critical Hits to.  I run at 113, for example with a 50% crit rate.

I have more to say, but I have to make a run to the grocery store.

194 days ago

No, as I already have said, I do not, I repeat, I do NOT have and/or USE Discord or WhatsApp.

When it comes to all the stuff I have in my Inventory that is seen here on pics, there is just too much of it and I have to spend time to go through it all. It is just stuff.

When it comes to main thing here, it is Fire. Nothing else, really. Very Primitive, but powerful simple Fire, and that is all there is to it really. That is my MAIN goal here, and THAT is what I MAINLY go for when it comes to my Character. So, if you´re thinking FIRE when looking at my Character, you´re on the right path here.

When it comes to my Reflect Chance and Damage, I may even just get RID of it, if it means better overall in FIRE. How it is now, it is just there to quite simply being there, because it helps a bit, and it doesn´t hurt to have it.

Ok, when it coems to my Character Stats, Perks, Powers and so on, it is as follows.


Retrograde Psychic Dominion, Psychic Channeling, Psychic Boon.

Character Stats - So Far: Dodge: 0%, Damage Reduction: 42%, Physical Resist: 46%, Heat & Warp Resist: 60%, Suppression Damage Reduce: 0%.

And yes, when it comes to these Resistances and Reductions, I would very much like to keep them as they are and maybe improve them. No wish of reducing them much more then necessary. I worked hard for getting these stats.

ATTACK Stats is as follows: Inferno Chance: 21%, Base Damage: 318, Critical Hit Chance: 20% Wpn1/26% Wpn2, Critical Hit Strength: +25, Melee/Ranged/Physical Damage Bonus: 0%, Heat Damage Bonus: +130% Wpn1/158% Wpn2, Warp & Suppression Damage Bonus: +5 & +10%, Reflect Chance/Damage: 14%/34% Wpn1//27%/57% Wpn2, DoT Damage Bonus: 90% Wpn1/40% Wpn2, Burn DoT Damage Bonus: 102%

On SURVIVAL I have 68HP Per Sec. No, I know, it´s not much. But better ten ZERO,

On Powers I have FULL Area Effects/Heat Attacks/Movement/Defense and Critical Hits. Then Vulnerability on Psy Debuffs, Top 2 Bottom Psy Combat, Health and 1 Support. When I say FULL, I do mean they are CONNECTED, it doesnt necessarily mean they are ALL filled/ticked.

And when it comes to what kind of Psychic Powers I have, or SPELLS as they are also popularly known as, I think that is by now pretty obvious of what I have if you can imagine yourself FIRE. I have Bio Lightning or whatever it´s name was which I use from time to time.

Regarding all the Morality Relics, Ancient and so on I have for giveaway, I will post that up within the next 2 days, and then it is just to shout out to what you need/want the most. And don´t forget to also explain to me some of you how to actually do give items to and from, because I have never ever done it before. And yes, this is also ONLY Level 90 items.

And I will also appreciate it if you are more people to also do come in here and give me tips to improve. It is actually funnier for me to give items to persons who actually bothers to contribute with something, please.

EDIT: And no, I am NOT on Xbox. I am playing Season. Console plrs do not have that just yet.

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194 days ago

what Psykers power too? 

194 days ago
Cerberus Hades
do u have discord? or what up (app)
194 days ago
Brother Kundari
what are ur 3 perks and stat page , 
195 days ago

Ok, here it is. All my items on my Character as it is now. please note that obviously some of these stats are to be rerolled, and others needs to be really looked into. I guess some of it can be seen which is which I may refer to. Anyways, here we goes.

So, here we go with all my current items. The very last current PIC of the Warp Rod is something I may boost and actually use, but the Q that pops up is how I best do this, since now all my Heat damage can cause Burning which is DoT. And I HAVE to let go off something concerning Doctrine. But which one. The 100% Heat Damage or the +150% Damage and 30% less AoE Radius? I think this is a bit tough one. How to eventually BOOST this specific Wand to the MAX?! And surely I wished it had 4 or 5 stats, and not only 3 next to main. It can be a potential Kick-Ass Warp Rod.

When it comes to my Main Staff it is very nice, but could be better, but so far I am only having this specific one, and haven´t found a single one new Staff which is Morality Relic. Maybe one out there have one cool for me to have (trade). But I have found an exciting bunch of Morality Relic Armours. Quite simply too much of Armours I am having, so I will with some time, list them ALL here in this thread of mine and then all of you who wants one, pick the specific one you want. It is Armours, some Pistols, and some more Armours. Yeah, and a couple of Ancient Relics too if some1 interested. And then I send it through the Ingame Email or whatever how it´s done. Some of you at least should explain to me how I actually do it, if it is even possible. For all I know, we may have to wait till the Inferno Season is all over.

195 days ago
when u comment button say add picture, 
195 days ago

Ok. Fine. I do it. Tell me then, how exactly I post images here.

196 days ago
Cerberus Hades

post ur build here . stats page and perks all gear plz

196 days ago
are u on xbox?  i could help u .
197 days ago
Brother Kundari

I mean as far as I can see, it's just up to experimentation and as you imply, having an intuition for it. I tend to normally just focus on trying to excel in one type of damage, and if I start dying a lot, getting my durability worked on until there's a nice balance where I'm clearing missions effectively. A "pro" might have a certain way of doing things but that's normally up to personal preference. There are certain things I would avoid though, like for my build in particular, having any sort of weapon that has a % chance to shock, stun, slow, burn, bleed or blind is useless because I have passives and skills that do all of that for me, so whenever I see equipment with those modifiers, I either bin them or reroll them. There are other little oddities like stats that have "on take hit" triggers granting enrage or berserk tokens. They're completely useless when using precognition because precognition effectively prevents getting hit, so anything that triggers on hit won't work when precognition is up.  There's nothing in-game that tells you this, it was something I had to just figure out by experimenting.

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197 days ago
No, you are not insultingly in any manner, it´s ok, and you don t have to play the game for me either, I already done all my gaming up till now, and if you read my post, you would see that as well. You would in fact see that I askled for someone expert to take a look at my Stats, Skills, Items, so in that way to tell me what I should roll instead of what I have and to what would improve my so and so, to further improve this and that.

Like for instance: Would it be better if I completely rerolled my Reflect Chance and Reflect Damage and then replaced it with Burn Damage and for instance Burn Duration or DOT Damage or maybe up my BURN %Chance, and would it even be possible to do it on those Items I already have or should I completely change it and get it on some kind of other item.

Would it be better for me to swap out X doctrine with Y Doctrine completely instead and would that improve my X stuff even better? And maybe I even have my X Doctrine on the completely wrong item as I SHOULD have had it on instead? Should I completely DITCH that specific SIGNUM with that other one instead, since that is giving you a serious BOOST!?

Should I perhaps swap my Doctrine on the one weapon I have and place 4 Shards instead on it, since that may just boost that X Damage way higher instead, even though I swap it with the Doctrine I have which gives +150% Damage, but 30% smaller AoE effect radius? And if I so do so, how much difference does tht really do in the longrun, and is it really worth it?

That kind of stuff and more. An Expert and a Pro knows and see these things in a much broader aspect then I myself am doing. I too see, and I also learn and get better of course, but it takes time. And then I may say, but is it not nice of me to also have this, because that is... and then Pro says, no, just replace it with this thing instead, and completely forget that thing there, and then you get this instead...

Anyway, I will see over my Character and see if I can also do something to improve it of course.

197 days ago
Brother Kundari

From my perspective it sounds like you're asking someone to play the game for you. I don't mean that insultingly, it's just that part of what you're asking for is part of what makes ARPG games like this fun, is building the character and discovering what works. Have you tried looking up builds for inspiration? There's this channel & website that I found (site is in the description), he doesn't have a lot of psyker builds, but what he does have looks pretty fun and interesting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrYkpouP2ayCQw9WFr2aWA

JotunnHammer gave you quite a bit of good information and from what I've experienced, that should be sufficient. From what I've seen Witchfire AOE builds seem pretty OP, I'm having a hard time believing you're running one of those and having issues where it's taking you hours to complete a mission at a higher level. I mean if you're under level 50 and trying to grind high level maps, that's likely not going to go well, but after about level 60 or so you should start building enough steam with your damage output and equipment to where 1000s of hours would be a high exaggeration, I've put about 90ish hours into my build and it's level 85 and can handle Insane difficulty with minimal risk at about 10 - 20 minutes per map. That's roughly an hour per level. I've had worse grinds in an RPG.

I just picked up this game a few weeks ago, but I've had a good deal of fun building a Psyker character that relies on a mechanic that I read a lot of complaints over being weak, which is a DoT build with Radical passives. I went strictly for DoT damage %, but after some play I noticed the ticks are slow, unlike PoE which is smooth and near constant, and the damage is never really worth the investment. However, you have perks like Toxin Synergy and Dirty Fighting that make the build worth it, especially with equipment that adds % damage increase on hit against burning or bleeding enemies, status effects to DoT skills, as well as equipping skill masteries that add vulnerability stacks. Equipment with damage effects like explosion to shocked enemies also make it entertaining. What started as a DoT build became a debuff build that tears apart most enemies once enough status effects are applied. I don't pretend that it's the best but I can get through maps 9 levels over me during a void crusade within about 10-15 minutes with minimal risk of dying, assuming I manage the precognition skill well (pairing it with dodge attribute equipment, the defensive stance passive and precognitive dodge takes a lot of the risk out). I threw on an armor piercing skill mastery with a single target like spontaneous combustion or bio-lightning with aoe skills to apply debuffs and I was set.

If you want more info I can send screens of the passives, skills & equipment in a dm, but that's about all I can offer.

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197 days ago
Hey, come on. Anyone? Seriusly, help a fellow Inquisitor with his last Challenge of the Season here. I know you experts ar e out there.

I do have some Items in my Inventory you may want, if that is what it takes. Both Morality and Ancient ones. Especially Armours. For some reason I´m getting tons of Armours.

Do I REALLY have to grind for tons of hours just to figure out how best to accomplish Missions 10+ in less then 30 mts, instead of having one single expert that can take one single good look at my items and say exactly what I need to have, roll and to replace?

Because how it is now, I spend 2 hrs and likely not getting through anything. Cmon, this is my last one.

200 days ago
All the tips and tactics is all well and good and all that, so thx for that in that regard. But tips and tactics I can read up on a bunch, and I am already doing that "kind" of things, and am trying, and am doing, and it all "works" to a certain degree. Am not saying that it doesn´t.

But the thing I truly need here now is an Expert. A Professional. One who knows every nook and cranny of Psykers in this game and most likely every nook and inch of the very game itself as well.

One who can sit down, play till MAX Lvl, and then see and take a look 5 mts at their Character, Stats and Items and then WHAM da BAM. This, this and THAT is what I need to roll for and replace to be able to whack mobs at a fair pace and to truly improve my Stats to take on both 10 and 15+ Lvls above my own. He/She can "easily" do a Mission in less then 20 Minutes that high Levels above Him/Herself. I´m not yet on that kind of Level. Maybe I am closer to that when I played 4000-5000 Hours more, then I have now.

I don´t wish to have to spend 2 hrs on one single +10 Mission as it is now, and then on the very end of the Mission I totally get whacked. That is not fun.

So, please. An Expert and a Pro. And allow me to add you.

200 days ago

P.S.  The other spells on my Staff weapons group don't matter, since I never use them.  It's mostly a place to park the Death Augury spell when I need to cast/recast it.  In combat I'm attacking with my Warp Rods, Bio-Lightning, Firestorm, and Constrict.  My 4th spell is Divine Shot, which I try to keep up at all times too for bonus damage.  I use a Psychic Focus and Warp Armor to keep these 4 "combat" spells ready when my Warp Rods are out.

Your order of combat when you see a new group of enemies, should be:

1. cast Divine Shot

2. Firestorm

3. Witchfire

4. Assess the enemy, are they about to swarm you?

If so, run through the nearest doorway out of line of sight and blast them as they come at you in smaller groups

Probably they are mostly ash after that first barrage.  Stay and finish them off.

Hope that makes sense.

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200 days ago
Brother Kundari

I wouldn't call myself a Professioanl Psyker or anything, but I did complete all the Season of the Inferno challenges.  Some of those I went into thinking there was just no way my fragile Pyromancer was going to be able to survive.

Here's what I do, I have a staff equipped on weapon group 1.  As soon as I get into a mission, I cast Death Augury - that's a second chance if you die, it's saved me many, many times.  If the effect is triggered and I would have died, I simply run away until I can recast it.  Keep that spell on you as much as possible, fight no one without it.  Once Death Augury is up, I switch to my main weapons, dual Warp Rods.  I'm banking on the Inferno buff helping me, and the effect of warp rods is fire based.  I particularly like the Witchfire attack from wielding 2 warp rods, it's cool and does big AOE damage with knockback and knockdown.

I've tuned all my spells to do armor piercing.  I use Bio-Lightning when stuff gets too close, and Firestorm for long range.  Be sure to add armor-piercing or you might feel like you are just ticking the ones with champions and higher.  My last spell is Constrict, which is a funny kind of spell.  It's a real boss killer, but only after you hit them with enough armor piercing attacks to knock off their suppression.  Peel off the armor, and hit them with Constrict over and over again.  Also, Constrict mostly kills Turrets with one cast.  I hate turrets!  If you are like me, the Elites are real Psyker killers.  Other ways that I've tuned my spells are 1 - reduce warp heat because the warp anomalies kill me often.  2 - increase effectiveness.  3 - reduce cooldown for faster casting.

You might need to barely enter a room, throw a Firestorm or Witchfire or two and run away.  I hide on the other side of doorways and blast smaller groups as they run in to attack me.

For passives, I have all the crit tree, the heat tree except the capacitor one (I'm a pyromancer, not a gunner), all the AOE, and all but 2 of the Support tree, and most of the Defense tree, it forms a symmetrical horseshoe with resistances taken to the top, selecting only Combat Stance and Shock Dampening of all the other options.  I have 4 of the Health tree taken to get Regenerative Bionics and Warp Heat Converter.  I've chosen the Radical path for more warp damage.  Take the bonus damage to armor breaking/piercing skills under Debuffs.  Under Psychic Debuffs, I've taken the 2 points to get armor piercing.

I have the 100% damage doctrines on my warp rods, one for heat, the other for warp.  My armor has another doctrine for 100% warp. Most everything else is crit hit strength.  My Critical Hit Strength (not chance, that's something else) is 113, mostly gotten through Red Shards in sockets.  If you didn't know, the more crit hit strength you stack, the more your damage is multiplied.  When I crit, which is all the time, I crit very big.  In missions where the enemy reflects like 2%, I can easily kill myself with one Firestorm in a pack of enemies.  Thank the Emperor for Death Augury!  I experimented with the no crit perk but constant +66% damage for a while, but you know how it is.  Pyromancers just gotta blow stuff up, we want bigger and meatier explosions!

And hope for luck in your mission rotation.  Siege is good because you have a bunch of Guard units helping you.  Data mining is good in that usually there aren't elites, and you can mostly control the pace that they come at you. 

Good luck, Brother Kundari!  Anoint yourself in the ashes of your foes, for the Emperor is always watching!

Inquisitor Jotunnhammer

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201 days ago
No, I don´t have or use Discord.
201 days ago

@BROTHER KUNDARI‍ would you like to join our Discord channel? There you can find players as well.

Here is an invitation link if you want to join: https://discord.gg/TMYVf4