HP on hit


It occured me that all HP steal on hit / crit is a fixed amount or % of HP,  regardless of attack rate of weapon. This obviously favours faster attacking weapons / skills.  Other similar games have done it differently in a more "fair" way, eg Titan Quest (or Grim Dawn? or both maybe) which had something like "% attack damage converted to health".  The health return is proportional to the damage done. That means that if you have a fast attack doing small damage or a slow attack doing large damage, it works out you get a more even amount of health over time either way.

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HP on hit
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284 days ago
Yeah you're right, also, there's the enchant that gives a chance of double damage and heals for that amount i just thought of
284 days ago
True, but there's mods that relate to amount of damage of killing blow too which favours heavy hitting attacks rather than fast smaller attacks.

A lot of mods vary in effectiveness depending on the weapon they are used with, to me that's just a case of theory crafting to maximise effectiveness on a set up.