How do I fix my Steam installs?


I got both Martyr and Prophecy recently and let Steam install them both.  After waiting for the first mission to load I quickly decided to move the game(s) to my SSD.  I did this by using Steam's "Move install location" feature on both games.  It, for some reason, wanted to re-download the entire 70GB each time!  Now I have a Martyr directory in both locations one is 75GB in the correct location and the other is 15GB.  I've read to launch from the Martyr shortcut (issues with DLCs?) but this points to the old location and crashes before starting.  The Prophecy one works, just not sure if this is how I should be using it.

What's the best way to get to the state the devs intend (and what is that)?

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How do I fix my Steam installs?
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55 days ago

Please check on the suggestions here, it can help you fix the access location: