Heavy Bolter's Hellstorm underpowered.


Edit; I am talking about normal default Hellstorm in this post. The enhanced hellstorm (Pink highlighted skill) from rarer weapon is kicking ass like its supposed to.

Ive been Heavy Bolter main for long time, before it received update.
Before hellstorm was OP,  strongest heavy bolter skill. It did need a nerf, but not this much.
I did like the "wind up", would start firing slowly and then gain fire rate.
But now its just slow fire, aoe is very small, and dps is very weak.
Only use ive found for hellstorm is to knock enemies down, or if swarm of enemies just happen to be in really narrow pathway.

If there would be any better tactical use for this skill i would suggest bringing the wind up back, make aoe bit bigger.
and if not increase damage add something like example "does 100% more damage to regular/horde/non-elite enemies" or "Against enemies that are knocked down?

I would Hellfire to be "take position and hold your ground against incoming horde of enemies" of firemode, it used to be really good in defense missions or clearing swarms of weak enemies. but now since its underpowered i rarely use it in both.

Im not asking this because i would "only use hellstorm", usually in all weapons i like to use all attacks in different tactical situations.
But for now its like heavy bolter has only 3 useful skills. not 4.

Edit; My point being, taking pack of regular enemies with hellstorm will take far more time than using any other skill even tho its supposed to be AoE carpetbomber, heck its even harder to take out horde out with hellstorm, it always leaves things alive there and there even when used in tightly packed enemies.
Only useful thing so far, is only tap it once if i needed a enemy off its feet.

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Heavy Bolter's Hellstorm underpowered.
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249 days ago

If there is a tactical advantage to be gained from this ability, I propose raising the wind and expanding the area of effect (aoe).