Game won’t launch. Xbox One.


I have just purchased Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr for Xbox One. The game will not launch at all after a few times of trying. 

Can you advise if there is an issue on going or a fix to let me play? 

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Game won’t launch. Xbox One.
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2 years 260 days ago
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2 years 266 days ago
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2 years 267 days ago
Im having this same problem.  The game wont let me past the email entry. So I went to the website and registered but it still wont work. Been wanting this game for so long so I buy an xbox 1 just play it.  What a waste of money. Im beyond pissed
3 years 89 days ago

could you please describe the problem in more detail?
What exactly happens when you try to launch the game? Also please share your Gamertag with us.
Since the time you reported the case could you launch it properly?