I experienced a problem that someone mentioned earlier.

 I have fused 25+ Relic weapons and items several times without problems, but this time when I fused Exitus Rifle it disappeared. Nothing left. Luckily it wasn't my primary sniper weapon.

Xbox one x

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3 years 327 days ago
We will check on our backend if there is any problem with the item-loss workaround! Thanks for the report! 
3 years 327 days ago

I can't see the missing Exitus coming back. It was 75 or 100% Fused. The Exitus I got later during gaming I have left in storage unfused.

 I've been using Fusion this afternoon and it works. We see if it happens again with Exitus when I have more.

3 years 328 days ago

Okay, check it out this afternoon. 

I think where there was a problem with Xbox service at the same time, do not know if this affects some packages disappearing along the way? I managed to get a new Relic Exitus Saturday night when I played. I fuse them and put them in storage if it is possible to salvage and use the material later.

3 years 328 days ago

could you please check when you launch the game again if the Rifle is back either in your inventory or storage? There is a built-in mechanics which gives back all the lost items after a re-launch.