Freezing bug


While killing packs with seasonal buff it freezes my machine for up to 4 seconds then starts stuttering until I end the mission. Then when going into the next mission it starts stuttering right away. I got through most my leveling to 67 without issues and all other games run just fine on my machine. I don't know if adding an item or doctrines caused the issue. The game does not crash but the freezing has caused me to find my self dead when it comes back.

I have tried verifying the game files. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing seems to work and it does not look like anyone else has reported having this issue. That makes me think it is my setup but like I said I play Cyberpunk 2077 at 4k with raytracing at max settings and have no issues. If anyone has any insight that would be awesome I was really looking forward to playing this season.

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Freezing bug
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148 days ago
Thanks for trying to help out. This got me through half a map before it started freezing again. Really appreciate the response though.
148 days ago

every time you launch Inquisitor, go to task manager and set CPU affinity to realtime for Warhammer.exe

do not worry about warning. Ever since I was fighting shuttering in this game, I keep doing this and it works like a charm for me where nothing else worked before (even cores only, repair/reinstall, tune graphic settings etc.)

good luck

EDIT: it's not your setup, it's game's crappy usage of CPU

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