First Season Feedback After 160 Hrs Played


At one time I would have highly recommended this game to others, but after playing through my first season and experiencing the insane amount of RNG at end game, I can't anymore. It has completely ruined the game for me, to the point that I'll never do it again. It comes down to two main issues.

The first issue is that after 160 hours playing my Tech-Adept, I I have not had a piece of archeotech relic armour drop for me with the enchant that I need to even complete my base build- that is until today. The enchant modifier rolled 1% below what I needed and it was also on a type of armour without a construct slot on it, so it was useless to me anyways, even if it wasn't 1% short. The inability to reroll enchants on that rarity of items doesn't make any sense. The fact that I have spent that many hours hunting for one and have still been unable to obtain one, is outright  ludicrous. When it comes to RNG and the odds of players being able to get a drop they need, needs to be reviewed, and there is no reason why we can't reroll archeotech relic enchants. The amount of chances you have to modify an item, the RNG, and the resource costs to do so is already prohibitive enough.

The second issue is the ridiculous tarot card system. I imagine most players upgraded some of their tarot cards when the option became available, because why wouldn't you want to improve their bonuses? If they didn't happen to run into guides or forum posts about new player tips before they did this, like myself, they just unknowingly added weeks, months, or even years worth of RNG to the upgrade process depending on how many they upgraded before learning about how the system works. I have still been unable to rank up a tarot card to rank 3 to complete the last season challenge I have remaining. I may even run out of time before the season ends. To make matters worse, I'm now unlocking more tarot card types as influence 'rewards.' Let me say, it doesn't feel rewarding when it happens, because I know it just added another multiplier and will now add a week or more with each new one I unlock to get one to rank 3. Tarot cards should drop as neutral cards, and then the player gets to decide which tarot they want to upgrade and in which order, not relying on weeks, months and eventually years worth of RNG to do so. 

I'm not sure who ran the numbers on all of these things and decided they were reasonable and well within acceptable range, but I think they really need to be looked at. I believe they are serious issues that remove all enjoyment and ultimately destroy the fun of the game when players eventually encounter these roadblocks. 

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First Season Feedback After 160 Hrs Played
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