First, a bug report. Then, mechanics question.


I am unable to exchange cortex fragments for favor at the Custodian merchant on Xbox. With 127 fragments in my personal inventory, I press X to exchange fragments, and then a window pops up confirming that I will receive one favor and 27 fragments, but pressing A does not consume my fragments nor give me favor. GT is YOLO MCSWAGBAGS.

Mechanics question: I am aware of 2 Meme Virus buffs stacking in a party, but currently if two members activate the buff, a third member without the consumable will not receive any bonus XP. Do meme viruses actively exclude those without, or are meme viruses intended to affect the entire party?

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First, a bug report. Then, mechanics question.
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1 year 45 days ago
The original bug has resolved itself. Thank you very much. 

However, I am encountering a new bug. I just claimed a medium cache and one major cache, thanks to the planetary reclamation event. I did not receive a total of 7 favour, despite the event listing a reward of 3 favour and 4 favour respectively. I also did not receive 5 shards and 5 psalm codes from the major cache. 

Thank you again for such prompt action.