Lasers not coming from barrels of weapons


Like the short description says I've been seeing lasers appearing out of thin air when enemies or friendlies fire laser weaponry.

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Lasers not coming from barrels of weapons
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1 year 135 days ago
encountered this also, enemy and ally imperial guard with lasguns have laser "point of origin" in random locations, not at gun
1 year 136 days ago
I had the same thing serveral times. Happens mostly in indoor areas and very often when i am with a group(or more) imperial-guards (they always need rescuing and then stick around for the mission). 

My Guess is: when the guards are off-screen and shoot at a target on-screen, or they try to shoot trough a wall/door, the targeting/drawing gets messed up.

1 year 137 days ago

Did you experience this in indoor missions only? Could you please tell us against what type of enemy did you fight?