Dropping through the floor on raised maps


Playing on the hive city/manufactorum map type on a purge mission. Had two sets of glitching through the floor on a walkway/ next to/on one of the round sections involving a sorcerer and myself being near the edge (and also the purple teleport things they do) and the Leman Russ glitching through the floor at one point to the floor below.  Have also had a somewhat similar issue doing an infestation mission where the warp gate relays were not visible until destroyed.

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Dropping through the floor on raised maps
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4 years 117 days ago

I've had the same thing here, both with the floor and gates..

Any mission to destroy warp gates has no relays at all. I can only find them when I run into them and generally wind up destroying them only because they are between me and the cultists I'm after.

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