DOT stats, perk & passive


DoTs in game doen't work. Bugs and bad mecanics make DoTs globally useless. 

I play a Crusader mainly with flamers and multi meta, level 23, +24% heat damage

- The overall damage are weak : 

I don't know if burn damage are scaled with heat damage. But actually I deal 16 dmg as burn damage. That's pretty low when mobs are more or less 200 HP. And that's become even more useless against boss. 

Possible improvement : making burn damage scaled with heat buff. If it's already the case, making burn damage stacks with diminushing return or fully stack with each differents sources. 

- Applying DoT erase the precedent one of the same type : 

If an ennemy already has a DoT, the next one will remplace the last one. It's really problematic with ability like Flame Cone. Because if you channeled this ability on the same ennemy, DoT will very rarely deal damages because the CD of those skills are lowest of tick CD of the DoTs. 

- Lack of icons on the mob : 

No icons for burning and heat vulnerability. Sometime, in a battle it's pretty hard to see if we have correclty apply our DoTs and how we are able to stack vulnerability

- Volatile Substances passive : 

The buff of this perk is absolutely useless. For a caracters with 50 heat resistance (which pretty decent), the burn damage are increase to 0.25 damage... Nearly nothing... 

- Attrition Feedback is too weak :

To my 4725 HP, I only get 14HP per DoT tick. Compare to other defensive perk it's very low and will become useless against bosses. And I played with flamers, which is probably the best weapon to benefit of this perk because AoE. 

- Heavy Flamers suppression damages : 

I don't understand why Heavy Flamers has so much suppression damage bonus for a weapon who don"t deal any kind of CC... 

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DOT stats, perk & passive
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4 years 166 days ago
A problem with dots is that they are based on the hits damage, and continously firering weapons do damage every 0.5 seconds,

so the individual hits are very very small, so the dot damage is very small.

I am no expert on crusader dots though, maybe someone else can give you some hints about how to make it work. :-)