DLC not showing up in Ultimate Editon Xbox Series X


Hi I purchased inquisitor martyr ultimate edition the other day. I reached a point where I can do some DLC content however it says I still need to purchase them to play them I am on xbox series x, if I try to play any dlc content it tries to take me to the xbox store but there's nothing there. any help would be much appreciated. 

My Xbox user tag is “bacchusCA” 

Store Page
DLC not showing up in Ultimate Editon Xbox Series X
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115 days ago
Please give me your Gamertag and I will look into the issue. @Khaale's issue was fixed already on our end.
120 days ago
Experiencing same issue and see same thing when I select the "Purchase" button (which I shouldn't have to do for content that's allegedly included in the "Ultimate Edition"); clicking the "Purchase" button redirects you to a blank Xbox Store page that just shows the animated website background  and a small Menu button icon. No other images or content appear.