DLC Charybdis Outpost ? PC


Hello Support Team,

I need an official statement or support for the DLC: Charybdis Outpost which is listed under Priority Assignments but not available in the Steam Store. I have purchased all DLC's but this one is not included. Couldn't find anything specific about it. Is there an official statement or a publication or more information. Hope to hear back soon.

Greetings Brisl

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DLC Charybdis Outpost ? PC
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98 days ago

Thanks Marcopolocs for your answer, great information, cant await to purchase it in steam if its released. Thanks for your and your Team great support and the amazing game and thanks for the fast official statement and information about the DLC.

99 days ago

The Charybdis DLC appeared in the list accidentally but after further consideration we decided to release this DLC as well on PC in the following period which can be bought for Fate as well just like the other DLCs.

100 days ago

This is a bonus mission for the pre-order of PS4/xbox disk version. dont give any bonuses. maybe it's just a bug.