Deathtrap – Update is live on Xbox One


There’s a new patch live now for World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap (Xbox One), fixing some issues present in the latest Content Update. 

Patch notes

  • Fixed the reward Minion Cards wich supposed to unlock simply by owning the Van Helsing games
  • Fixed achievements:

    • Hephaestus: Can be unlocked if you upgrading with Dream Shards too (if you missed you'll get retroactively)
    • Veteran Hunter: can be unlocked when you skipped the 20. level (if you missed you'll get retroactively)
    • Can't touch this: now cannot be unlocked when you get damage
    • Hero of the Ink: now only can be unlocked on Tier 4
  • Trap Boost aura's "Extended aura" upgrade now shows the correct effect size ingame
  • The end cutscene in coop mode caused unresponsive state - now its corrected.
  • Fixed or added new sounds for Ornithopter, Igor, Batrantaur, Katarina and the Beeping Automaton Minions
  • Ready/Not ready icon now appears for the other clients too on the campaign map
  • Fixed a synchronizing issue when you get a duplicated version of your character and when he dies can damage the gate (only in single player)
  • Fixed some minor issues

More fixes coming in a few days, fixing some unusable Godlike items and other fixes.

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Deathtrap – Update is live on Xbox One
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