Crusader Weapons


During my leveling and testing weapons. Some were really powerful when i didn't expect them to do well, then some others was underwhelming when used in combat.

"All this is my expressed opinion on the current state of certain weapons for the Crusader"


  • Auto-Guns (&Pistols) - At first there was a moment where i wondered about the effectiveness of a regular gun in the game. I was proved wrong in that its fire rate is high enough to put this weapon on the High End List. It is lacking in skills since the Retreating shot in my eyes is pretty bad on most weapons. 
  • Grenade Launcher - This weapon ends up being hugely powerful against groups of enemies, considering the time delay between normal shots its able to "Stack"/"Multi-Use" Skills in a row when used a certain way. Allowing it to have 6 Grenades hitting in a short period of time, this is pretty repeatable with little delay other then reloading time.
  • Heavy Bolter - This happens to be one of my favorites, and it does have pretty bad accuracy. But its 100 round clip allows it to fire for extremely long periods of time. Coupled with the Jump Armor, your able to get slap in the middle and mow them down close range behind their cover. This being said, Heavy Weapons, and a Jump Pack shouldn't be allowed. 

-Their Okay? Weapons-

  • Melee Weapons - So far, I'm going to wrap all the melee weapons into one giant category, i'll explain myself the best i can here. I enjoy the Chainswords/Eviscerator the most of all the melee weapons for the Crusader. Something about them that's very fun to use. Power Axes are alright, better attacks then the Power Sword. But mostly i find Melee to be more work then the ranged game, for the Crusader, even with the Jump Pack. He's the one trodding along behind everyone else. I play Melee just because its a different style of game play or the items i have at the time make it that way. Not sure if its the moments where im having to close in the gap while taking alot of fire, that makes it seem more tedious.
  • Plasma Guns (&Pistols) - They had their place in my load-out early when i unlocked them, but they've always just been a little to slow and underwhelming to be a main stay. Good against space marine type enemies, and other heavy armored units. In the same time, Auto-Gun still beats it out.
  • Lasgun - Personally not a big fan of this gun really, But it does decent damage. It has the "Multi-Use" Skill thing which increases its damage potential but with the over-heat its going to sputter out quick, making it not that great other then a quick burst of damage, and yet again, Auto-gun,..or for that matter,..anything that Clip reloads is better then it. 
  • Boltgun - Another one i was excited to get, and its a really good weapon. It lacks in Ammo where the HB has to much. It always leaves you about 1-2 shots from killing some of the Armored Units. So in the end, Heavy Bolter is way better and doesnt run outta ammo on you.
  • Heavy Flamer - It almost got put in the worst weapons category just for the pure fact i really expected it to do a lot of damage. Instead i found it has "Multi-Use" Skills and was able to bring it up to par somewhat. Then again, only game i had the most trouble completing was a run with Lasgun/Flamer. But i see skill stacking as slightly abusing the combat system, It only seems to be useful on a few things.

-Worst Weapons-

  • Las-Pistol - Over-heat way to fast, suffers from the same added problems of its larger counter-part. And even with two, if one over-heats the pair is useless. Leads me to the fact that i hate the Beam skill on just about every gun it comes on. 
  • Bolt-Pistol - Way to slow Fire Rate on Auto-Shot, and not near enough damage, and Ammo. This was a huge let down power-wise as the first bolt weapon to get. In its current state i would never use it, with melee or even with 2....Ill hammer and sell them all. 
  • Plasma Cannon - This was a long time coming in the Level progression and i was hoping to see a lot of the same power level of the Grenade Launcher in this. But it just doesn't kill anything. Its Auto-Fire, and Mortar skills are really great though. 
  • Grav Pistols - ??? I think its a re-skinned Bolt Pistol..... Its another one i don't care for much at all.

This is missing a few weapons mostly due to the fact its late, i'm getting tired and just randomly writing this. Ill add the rest of them tomorrow sometime

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Crusader Weapons
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6 years 286 days ago

Hm aren't only heavy weapons and crusader melee weapons crusader weapons? You have a lot of weapons in there everyone can use or am i simply mislead by the topic?

6 years 286 days ago

So far this is just solo playing thru levels, when you start adding in Co-op, you have the support of the party to make up for the lacking qualities in weapons. Fact would remain. If everyone just carried Auto-Gun/Grenade Launcher For Mobs and Melta for Boss types.  

My experience in Higher Pr's 1499. Was in a party and the Weapon damage just scaled up, i guess. Wasn't as hard as the mission % said, i can say that.

6 years 286 days ago


May i ask you on which parameter(s) / situation(s) you ranked those weapon : mostly coop or solo ? At 2, 3 or 3 peoples in team ? In higher PR missions, moderate or lower ones ? I'm no opposed at what you tell and how you rank them.

Or is it a global 'ranking', resulting of a mix of situations ?

My own weapon ranking changes a lot if i'm alone, in a high PR or low PR mission, in a team of 2, 3 or 4, which weapons my teamates  are using, and if they are meleing  mostly, AoE'ing, etc ...