Crafting Bugged


So I got a purple blueprint for Assault Armor Mark II, which should have a movement modifier of +(2-4%) Movement Speed (according to what the mouseover tells me in the crafting window).

The armor I built from that blueprint does NOT have a Movement Speed modifier, instead it has +3 to all resistances, +4.7 damage reduction (ranged), and +4.8 physical resistance.

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Crafting Bugged
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6 years 48 days ago
Built a third one, it does have +2 Warfare again, but not Damage Reduction (Melee). Go figure...

6 years 48 days ago

Almost the same happens with the purple  blueprint for the Main Implant Mark I. The blueprint states +2 Warfare, which I had indeed on the first one I crafted. The second one has +2 Toughness, +2 Virtue, and +5.1 Damage Reduction (Melee), NO +2 Warfare.

But BOTH have Damage reduction (Melee) in common. I will build a third one and see how that turns out.

So crafting does not produce what the blueprints say!

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