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Hey, are there any plans to allow players to customize their armor's look a bit more? I've noticed that the different rarity tiers have different looks attached to them, and I really like some of them, but at end game you only really get to use the Relic look if you want good stats.

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Cosmetic Options
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60 days ago

Even if you don't have a full "transmogrification" style feature (which would be great), you should please consider having all appearances available to the highest item tiers (relic, archeotech, ancient, morality, etc.). I love the look of early level items so I think it's a waste you don't see much of them at later stages, where most of your game time is allocated anyway.

114 days ago

Such a feature has been requested by some players in the past but we never realized it eventually as we always found issues with higher importance. It would be cool though and I think that after the release of the Sororitas DLC in the summer we will have some time to consider the addition of a transmogrification feature.